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The Capitalism Test

  By David Glenn Cox       The US Congress recently voted to remove country of origin requirements from beef and poultry. Some would say it was just needless government regulation, others would answer, it’s a sign that the meat packing industry will soon be evacuating the American landscape. Just like the auto industry, […]

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The Right

Liberalism Has U.S. on Life Support

By George Hewes For several decades now, as the U.S. enjoyed its superpower status and the highest standard of living in the world, a discussion was taking place in the halls of academia. Tenured professors ruminated how this country would be a better place if only we adopted the agenda of the hard left. By […]

Short and To the Point…

Are public places (movie theaters) safe!!!!! We cannot watch every door!!!!

Hilary did not reveal everything-------sensitive e-mails were not protected!!!! No surprise!!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend!!!!! Our Mideast policy!!!! A joke!

Donald Trump???? Does he know more about issues other than reading headlines!!!!

Prices of generic drugs going up dramatically!!!! Why???

Case against Sen Menendez???? Will politics get the case derailed??? They need him to be with the Administration on Iran!!!


Demi Moore is shocked by the drowning of a 21-year-old man at her Beverly Hills home. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, a caretaker of Moore’s property invited the man who drowned, Edenilson Steven Valle, to the house for a party. Ms. Moore’s “shock” paled in comparison to the shock of one the EMT’s who said, “As I was dragging Mr. Valle’s body out of the pool, I heard the stiff talk as if he was a voiceover in the beginning of a 1950 movie by Billy Wilder: ‘Yes, this is Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. It’s about five o’clock in the morning. That’s the Homicide Squad, complete with detectives and newspapermen. You see, the body of a young man was found floating in the pool of a washed up actress’ mansion. He was nobody important, really. Just a movie writer with a couple of ‘B’ pictures to his credit. The poor dope! He always wanted a pool. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool, only the price turned out to be a little high—but he got higher.”

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin, is growing up fast! She recently turned 17 and noted that yes, she has a boyfriend named Luke Reavley. “There is someone special in my life right now, and I’m really happy with that,” Bindi said. “It was so romantic how we met. There I was, lying asleep in the bushes of Africa as he and his camera crew crept up behind me. Suddenly, Luke poked me with a stick to annoy me which he told me later makes great television—kind of like what my dad did to defenseless animals. When I didn’t wake up after his tenth poke, Luke heard a familiar voice nearby say, ‘She’ll wake up soon. I gave her one of my special drinks.’ Luke then scared off Bill Cosby as I finally woke up. Luke looked at the camera and said, ‘Crikey! By the looks by her face, what we have is a canine-like creature known in America as a ‘Two Bagger.’ This means I’ll have to capture her for me zoo in Australia by placing two brown paper bags on her head—in case the first one breaks.”

Donald Trump is still bashing John McCain for being considered a hero. Mr. Trump said, “Big deal. So McCain was a POW. Except for him getting white hair, when he came out of his ‘Hanoi Hilton’ room, he looked the same as he did when he first went into his room. A real American hero goes into a room and comes out looking like someone else—and that real hero Caitlyn Jenner even has better hair than McCain.”

According to a lawsuit, two strippers say they were banned from dancing in the “VIP room” because they are black. Kieara Gaskin and Tenia Stuckey complained they were given less time in the VIP areas of the two New York City clubs where they showed off their bodily goods. The exotic dancers then enlisted the services of Rev. Al Sharpton, who threatened to picket then close down the clubs. Rev. Al spouted, “If these upstanding ladies can’t S-T-R-I-P in the V-I-P room, then they won’t strip at all! In other words, they’ll be ‘No Just-ass! No piece…of it.”

After Donald Trump roared that Sen. John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured, Mr. Trump was informed that during the Vietnam War, Mr. McCain spent five years in Hanoi’s notorious prison; called “The Hanoi Hilton.” Mr. Trump scoffed, “What’s the big deal about a ‘Hilton’ based in Hanoi?’ It sounds like my ‘Trump Hotel’ based in New York. Both are filled with screaming, rude Third World people, both are victims of shabby construction, serve bad food and are crawling with bedbugs. The only difference is at the ‘Hanoi Hilton,’ every morning you’re served a beating in bed. Hell, now I wish I wasn’t repeatedly deferred from serving in the Army in the ‘60’s ‘cause I would’ve loved to go to Vietnam, buy out that Hanoi Hilton and put ‘TRUMP’ on its front barb-wired wall.”

Bill Cosby has been cut from a documentary about black stuntmen. The film, “Painted Down,” explores the practice of applying blackface to white stuntmen so they can double for black actors. An irate Mr. Cosby stated, “I know more about stuntmen than anyone! In fact, because I didn’t want to be bothered by great looking women-fans, for 40 years, I hired this white stuntman to take the fall for me. From 1966 to 2006, I put him in blackface to look like me so those annoying women fans would run to him–so my wife and I can have a dinner in peace. How was I to know that he’d drop loads of Ludes in their drinks? That’s the last time I hire Gary Busey to be me.”


The Law of Attraction and You

By Tammy Ruggles, BSW, MA From books to movies to magazines, The Law of Attraction is a popular concept. Esther and Jerry Hicks made it a best-selling book. The Law of Attraction may seem like a mysterious new-age concept to you. What does it mean? Is it something you can use in your life? How complicated is it? Basically the concept is simple—it’s another way of exercising The Law of the Universe—an idea that has been used by many spiritual teachers, philosophers, and motivational leaders throughout history: You get what you give. If you give out nothing but negativity, you’ll receive nothing but negativity. If you give out positivity, you’ll get positivity in return. The things you dwell on are the things you will attract. There are 3 basic keys to exercising The Law of Attraction in your life, and they are easy to understand. #1 Choose to think more […]

Boomer Humor – Pop (Boom) Goes the Culture!

Boomers rejoice!! “Leave it to Beaver,” the legendary TV comedy series of the 1960’s, is being revamped as a video game! “Grand Theft Auto” has announced it will put the “Beaver” cast in a new game called “Catching Beaver—Grand Theft Auto Style.” In this “Catching the Beav” game, Ken Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell and later became a LAPD motorcycle cop, voices a motorcycle cop who pulls over a Mercedes. He realizes that its wise-ass teenaged driver is Eddie Haskell–who has stolen it, kidnapped Beaver Cleaver and placed him in the trunk. Just as Eddie’s about to be arrested for stealing a car, he takes off, hitting a kid known as Lumpy Rutherford. After the car flattens him, mean teen Eddie chortles, “Well, he ain’t lumpy no more.” Eddie later dumps Beaver Cleaver’s beaten body on the Cleaver’s front lawn. His mom, June, discovers her unconscious son and tells her […]

Why Not to buy vehicle protection plans

We are asked when buying a new auto to purchase an additional protection service contract that covers–tires and wheels,keys, dents and dings,glass,etc.. Listen to my story. Safeguard Products administers contracts sold by auto dealers. Monday late afternoon September 20 I notice a bolt in my tire causing low tire pressure. I dropped the four month old car off at my […]


Singer Bobby Brown, ex-husband of Whitney Houston and father of Bobbi Kristin Brown, has announced, “I am beyond happy to say that someone I love very dearly has come out of her coma that has lasted over a year. That am, I thank God that Whoopi Goldberg has finally woke up and said on ‘The View’ that she no longer […]


Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is winning at the polls but losing sponsors and major network television channels for his shows like the “Miss USA” pageant—which was just shown on Reelz. To compensate for his losses, he is developing a new Netflix show to reflect his presidential campaign called, “Mexico is the New Black.” He noted, “The ‘Old Black’ was […]

Medicine by Skype

A new method of delivering health care is being introduced. With the use of computers a physician can communicate with the patient from afar. With a , webcam visual along with voice and/or the written word communication is possible. Think of the possibilities.   Two way communication at any time from any place will enable the delivery of care.. The doctor […]