The Left

The Left: Necessitous Opportunities

By David Glenn Cox The economy shows improvement in Northeast Ohio. But, I’ve learned from my travels and travails that whatever is happening on my side of town, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any improvement on your side of town or even, three exits down the interstate. I do find it a strange coincidence, the improvement […]

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The Right

The Right: GOP Clueless at Selling Their Brand

By Brian Lonergan The mid-term elections are almost upon us, and many Republicans are eagerly anticipating a 2010-like wave election that will sweep Harry Reid from the Senate majority leader post. This is due much more to what Democrats are doing wrong than what Republicans are doing right. The nation is undoubtedly weary from six […]

Short and To the Point…

  • Social Security Increase again approx 2%-----Does anyone believe that is enough!!!!

  • Protect the public!!!! Be careful with Ebola!!!!! Quarantine when prudent!!

  • No Ebola vaccine because drug companies do not see a large enough profit opportunity!!!!

  • Expiration Dates on food products!!!!! So hard to locate!!!! Why????

  • University of North Carolina!!!! Shame on you !!! Academic Scandal a Disgrace!!!!


boomer humor

After 16 years, “Bob The Builder” is having a makeover with a new look and voice. Fans of the beloved children’s star have been upset by a makeover that leaves him younger, taller, slimmer and hipper. They were further upset by the first show, where Bob, in an attempt to bond with children (and today’s teenagers) builds a “Short Attention Span” bridge. Like Bob’s audience, Bob can only watch 20 seconds of the bridge before he becomes bored and watches something else. Bob then sobs when the bridge collapses under the weight of its lofty expectations. The show ended with “Bob the Builder’s” theme song; with its lyrics changed to reflect the audience’s short attention span; going from:

“Bob the Builder,
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder,
Yes we can!”

“Bob! Fix? Yes!”

Francis Ford Coppola, in a desperate move to remain relevant, announced he is securing funds for “The Godfather – 2014.” But instead of dueling Mafia families whacking each other with guns, they’ve resorted to germ warfare. The film opens with the Godfather, Spito Corleone, sending a ‘Spitman,’ Johnny “Touchy” Ebola, to murder (through infection) two hard eggs named Sammy “Meaty” Salmonella and Joey “Burger Boy” Ecoli. A cackling Spito snarls to his two sons, “After ‘Touchy Ebola’ gets his hands on those two mugs, not even the fishes will want to sleep with ‘em.”

Paramount Pictures announced that Popeye the Sailor Man will also have a much needed makeover. A Paramount spokesman announced, “After Mr. Bluto is arrested for persistent assault and battery, bullying and sexual harassment against one Ms. Oyl, we’ll change Mr. Popeye by having him never smoke a pipe, eat something else besides spinach and settle arguments with fists. And, we’ll find out what drug is in his spinach that gives him super strength. A psychiatrist will also check out Popeye for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome that he suffered while serving in the navy. An optometrist will then see if the reason he squints is because he very well might be blind. After all, if he had normal sight, he wouldn’t be pursuing the 35 lb. Olive Oyl.”

ABC has announced that in a special edition of “Magic’s Secrets Finally Revealed,” Mr. Johnson will finally come clean, “Yes, my big secret is I slept with Wilt Chamberlain after we beat the Celtics in the finals in 1983. Maybe this is how I got HIV.” In the next show, Magic Johnson reveals the secret behind how the team he co-owns, the L.A. Dodgers, disappears like a rabbit in a top hat every October–at playoff time.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan will donate $25 million to the Centers for Disease Control Foundation in an effort to fight Ebola. When asked by reporters why didn’t he download this Ebola news on Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg said, “I didn’t want my site to get a virus.” Bill Gates then announced he’ll “do more good than Mr. Zuckerberg'” by donating $50 million to Sierra Leone to fight the onslaught of lottery scams from entering America.

David Letterman’s longtime cue-card holder for 21 years, Tony Mendez, says he wound up cuing his own firing by getting aggressive with a colleague. At first, Mr. Mendez blamed Mr. Letterman for roughing up writer, Bill Scheft, saying that “all those years watching Dave fling cards out of that window had desensitized me towards violence.” Mr. Mendez then revealed, “What was written on one of the cards had been written on the wall for the last five years: ‘Time to retire, dude. Do us a favor and hang it up, Dave!’”

New York Knick forward, Amare Stoudemire, who announced that he has been taking baths in red wine at a spa to help his body rejuvenate, also announced that he will help rejuvenate the “Boone’s Farm” brand. Amare said, “After I’m done bathing, they’ll take the wine out of the tub and bottle it for a new Boone’s Farm flavor called, ‘Dingleberry Hill;’ featuring the finest harvest of berries ever harvested; creating a musty, fruity but full body bouquet…well, half-body bouquet.”

Richard Gere 64, and Bravo’s Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, 44, have ended their romance. Mr. Gere announced that the end of their relationship was unceremoniously announced by Ms. Lakshmi over one of her specially prepared dinners. Mr. Gere cried, “I didn’t mind her saying we’re done and my goose is cooked. What I minded was when she gave me my well-done gerbil on a platter then said, ‘Now that’s cooked too! Goodbye, sucker!’”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has found their in-boxes not filled with wishes from terminally ill patients but with wishes from 300 million terminally bored people who have lost their patience. More specially, the wishes are from irate ITunes owners who wish they never received U-2’s terminally boring album.


Movie review of “You’re Not You”.

By Tammy Ruggles “You’re Not You” is a 2014 drama starring Hilary Swank that is about ALS, but so much more. Earlier in 2014, we saw more attention brought to the disease ALS (otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) with exploding mainstream media and social media coverage of The Ice Bucket Challenge. If you didn’t get in line for the […]


A beaten, undersized bear was found dead in Central Park of all places by a shocked jogger. Before the bear died, he removed his bowtie and whispered to the jogger, “Tell Yogi…I-I misunderstood him. I thought he said, ‘Hey Boo-Boo. To get a lot of honey, be a little b-e-a-r in the woods of Central Park.’ What he really said […]

Advanced Directives-Allow Your Wishes To Be Heard

By Evan Martin, Medical Student Have you ever wondered what would happen if you became ill and were unable to articulate what treatments you preferred? The treatment you would decide on or prefer being ‘guessed’ by family members and medical providers. These are very real and tough decisions for anyone to make especially during emotional times. Having your wishes documented […]


Urban Outfitters, which markets and makes hipster clothing, released what might be its most tasteless creation yet: a Kent State University sweatshirt adorned with what appears to be blood stains. As “some” non-baby boomers may not know, Kent State was home to the 1970 massacre in which four students were killed by National Guard soldiers. Urban Outfitters said they will […]