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Mike Tyson – Modern Intellectual

By David Glenn Cox I’ve spent two days in the dentist’s office recently. A tooth of mine had defected from my employment, making its demands known through the most outrageous protest and misconduct. Anyone who knows anything about the dentist’s office is well aware of the dangers of the chair. That time spent waiting patiently […]

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The Right: The Ghosts of 1979

By Brian Lonergan Most of us with life experience and long memories may wince when we recall the state of our nation in 1979. Simply put, it was not one of the best years in America’s history. In fact it was a horrible year. With that in mind, 2014 is starting to feel a lot […]

Short and To the Point…

  • Radical Islam is the threat in today's world. Can we identify which countries support terrorists??????

  • Burger King avoiding U.S. Taxes, maybe we need to avoid Burger King !!!!!

  • Publish a list of all companies that have relocated outside the U.S. to avoid taxes!!!

  • Expiration dates on food products need to be standardized and easy to find!!!!

  • End of Gaza hostilities???? Can a lasting permanent solution be found??????

10 Great Websites for Seniors


By Tammy Ruggles

Seventy-year-old Thomasina Alexandra just got a computer for her birthday, and doesn’t know where to start. With a few lessons from her grandchildren, she is ready to surf the web, but she isn’t exactly familiar with the websites that would be right for her. Her grandchildren are teenagers, so they aren’t familiar with websites that would appeal to seniors, which leaves her calling her best friend Rhoda, also 70, to ask which websites she recommends for web surfers their age.

That’s the problem with good information today. We know it’s on the internet somewhere, but we aren’t sure where to look.

Whether you’re still a spring chicken at 50, or have a senior parent, this list of 10 websites for seniors is more than just useful; it can actually be life-saving:

1. This website offers an array of medical information all in one place, from arthritis to the zone diet. The information is supplied by physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. It’s a reliable source for those seeking answers for health concern they may have, or for those just curious to learn more about a health issue. It also has sections to help locate a doctor, learn more about a certain type of medication, or check symptoms you or someone you know may be having.

2. This is the official site of the organization, American Association of Retired Persons, and is a one-stop website for retired persons over 50, and seniors looking for resources, ideas, referrals, services, benefits, discounts, and products. This site offers information on a variety of subjects, from choosing the best vacation package to dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease.

3. For the senior looking to learn more computer skills, this website for the nonprofit organization is perfect. At this center a senior can learn to use e-mail, enhance photos, create websites, keep financial records, and communicate with family, friends, and others around the world. Seniors are encouraged to take computer classes and network with one another for support, friendship, and education.

4. This website helps seniors find employment, get training for employment, and promotes seniors as mature, reliable, experienced employees to communities and potential employers.

5. For the senior who has gone to college and wishes to return, and for the senior who wants to attend college for the first time. This site is the entryway into summer classes at colleges across the country designed specifically for seniors. Whether the classes are for employment, leisure, or a combination of both, this website helps link seniors who think that there is no age limitation on education.

6. When you are in search of just the right pill organizer or walking canes, this website is the perfect place to visit. Not only are the products functional, they are aesthetic, from pill caddies shaped like fruit or flowers, to big button phones, to lightweight travel chairs. These products are designed with the senior in mind.

7. The name of the website says it all, offering over 140,000 discounts for seniors on products from laundry detergents to auto insurance. There is a newsletter that seniors can sign up for, which keeps the member abreast of new discounts as they become available. Some seniors already know they can get discounts at restaurants and state parks, but did you know you can get them at places like video stores?

8. For the senior who believes life begins after retirement, this website is the ideal place to visit for information on travel discounts, new, exciting, and relaxing destinations, and how to get the most out of an active senior lifestyle.

9. The perfect site for grandparents, it provides stories and information on topics from grandparents raising grandchildren, to knowing when to butt in or stay out of a family dispute.

10. This site is packed with your favorite games, from checkers to card games. Some are free and some are not, some are downloadable, and some are available to order, some you play alone and some you can play with online opponents, but you are sure to find something that will entertain you for hours on end.

BONUS SITE: This is an informational site for those over 50. Here you’ll find resources on a variety of topics, from health, to politics, to finances.

Besides the websites listed above, you will find websites devoted to sending greeting cards, making a family tree, exchanging recipes, getting support if you are raising your grandchildren, hunting, fishing, gardening–the choices are endless, so start surfing now.



Pop/Boom Goes the Culture!

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has spread like wild fire throughout the nation. It seems like every celebrity has poured a bucket of ice water over his or her head and challenged others do the same and make a donation to fight ALS. Now, even pandering politicians are getting into the act! Yes, New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christy, had his two […]

10 Birthday Gifts Your Grandkids Will Love

By Tammy Ruggles Children love birthdays and parties, but especially gifts. Here are 10 gift ideas for you to consider for the grandchildren in your life whose birthday is just around the corner. Best of all, they will be easy on your piggy bank: –One. Art supplies. Just about every kid likes to create and get their hands on new […]

Recognizing Early Signs of Alzheimer’s in Your Loved Ones

By Hima Veeramachaneni, Medical Student How do you know if forgetting where you put your keys is more than just a momentary lapse in memory? Should you be concerned with something more serious such as Alzheimer’s? With the baby boomer generation aging and the projection that close to twenty percent of the U.S. population will be older than 65 by […]

Better Fitness with Aerobics

By Tammy Ruggles Marie dreaded turning 50, but it wasn’t the number she was concerned about. It was her noticeable weight gain and lack of energy following a broken leg that had her disheartened and worried. Her family doctor told her to begin a fitness program with aerobics, and even referred her to a local class offered by the hospital, […]