The Left

Someone Else’s Government

By David Glenn Cox Not since the Hoover administration, have the suffering of so many Americans been so ignored by their government. If you’re over 50 and looking for a job, you know this. You won’t see it on your local TV news and you won’t read about it in your local paper. Some people […]

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The Right

The Right: For the Love of Christmas

By Melanie Marren Christmas is a sacred and religious holiday in one hand; and in the other it is a commercial phenomenon.  For two millennia the world has observed this special day with both religious and secular traditions, governments around the world have deemed this day as a National holiday.  As you all know, we […]

Short and To the Point…

  • Peace in Gaza??? All past agreements speak of no arms in Gaza!!!!!!! Not honored for a moment by Hamas

  • IRS E-mails may be found!!!!!! This is a disgrace!!! Where is the Justice Department ??

  • Russia's Putin------does he have to answer to World Opinion???

  • Texas sending National Guard to the border---States have to enforce in Federal Government refuses to

  • Center for Disease Control cannot insure the safety of its own facilities!!!!! Should we be worried about serious accidents!!!!

How to Sell Your Home

Senior Hispanic couple selling house

By Tammy Ruggles

Have you ever thought about selling your home?

Perhaps you want to down-size, simplify things, relocate, or move because of a new job or relationship.

Home-selling can seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier when you think of it as a process. There is more to it than just advertising your house in the newspaper or online, showing the house, and–lo and behold, the house is sold–but there are things you can do to make the job easier and quicker.

First, you have to make some choices. You have to choose whether to sell your home yourself or enlist the help of a real estate agent.

If you use an agent, there are a few things to know. An agent knows the ins and outs of the real estate market. That’s his job. He or she will find the right buyer for your home and will follow through with a lot of the paperwork that is involved, including finding potential buyers, arranging appointments to show the home, and communicating with the right people and places. Using a real estate agent is a good idea for people who work full time or have other responsibilities which keep them from devoting the time to selling a home themselves. It often takes the headache out of home-selling, and leaves the bulk of it in the hands of a professional.

A good real estate agent is one who will keep you informed, stays in touch, and does what’s best for you when it comes to selling your home. The real estate agent will of course require a fee, and this is normally included in the price of the house.

If you choose to sell your house on your own, do a little research beforehand. Do a minor media blitz for your home. Put it in the newspaper, on the radio, on free community bulletin boards. Find a recent, popular, and active real estate website to list your home. Post photos of the home, interior and exterior. Include a price.

Before you advertise, make sure your house is in top shape. Clean, repair, decorate, organize, mow the yard, paint the walls, clean the carpets, clear the clutter. This won’t take a lot of money, and may mean the difference in whether you sell your home. Do what you have to do to make your home as appealing as possible.

This may come as a surprise, but landscaping can make a ho-hum house look very attractive. If your house is in good shape structurally, is clean and in good repair, take it one more step and do some landscaping to your yard or around the porch or deck area. Even if your yard is small, or you have no yard at all, you can spruce up the look of your house by adding shrubbery, mulch, flowers, plants, flower pots with blooms, etc.

Buying some plants and flowers can a little money, but it doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Call a professional landscaper to see if you can get a deal, or, better yet, seek the help of a retired landscaper who still knows his or her stuff but is willing to cut you a deal.

Once you give your home a makeover, inside and out, you may want to pay a professional to do a pre-listing inspection. This person can often spot flaws or shortcomings that are easily overlooked but fixable.

Learn the lingo of real estate and financing, like adjustable rates, fixed rates, pre-approved, pre-qualified, closing costs, appraisal, inspection, etc. Familiarizing yourself with the terminology will keep you in the know, but it can also help you to understand the terms you will or won’t accept when it comes to selling your house.

Once you home is ready for the market, you’ll be proud to host an open house. If you’re selling without an agent, this is where you open your home to potential buyers. They will arrive to take a tour of your home and ask questions, so be prepared with the answers. If an agent is helping you, you don’t have to be at the open house. The agent will answer the questions for you. Potential buyers often feel more comfortable talking with the agent rather than the home owner.

The above ways demonstrate that there are some little tricks and tips to selling a house. Although it may sound like a stressful situation to get into, it also has rewards. People buy and sell homes every day. There will be over 5,000,000 homes sold this year. What are you waiting for?



Pop (Boom) Goes the Culture!

One of the greatest live bands ever, Pink Floyd, has announced that not only will they release a their first new album in 20 years, but they will tour again–but there are a few caveats. Owing to their advanced age, instead of the band giving audiences their customary mind-blowing laser show, fans will witness a “behind blowing laser surgery show.” […]

10 Foods to Boost Your Mood

By Tammy Ruggles If you’re over 50 and sometimes find yourself in a grumpy mood, there is a good reason for that: For men, it could stem from a drop in testosterone, stress, or other physiological or emotional reasons. For women, it could be  menopause, low levels of estrogen, or a chemical imbalance. Add this to the normal stress of […]

The MERS virus

  By Lawrence Dall, MD The deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus received popular attention in the media in April-May 2014.  There have been 701 cases reported worldwide with 249 deaths. The virus was first detected in Saudi Arabia about two years ago. It appears that the host of the virus is the camel and has jumped to the human […]


To commemorate the 45th year anniversary of the “Altamont Concert” in 1969 and the release of the film “Gimme Shelter;” which showed a concert goer being killed by Altamont’s security detail, the Hells Angels, the movie’s stars, the Rolling Stones, have announced that they will finance a Broadway play based on their experience. It will be called “Altamont—the Musical! All […]