The Left

The Machine only Functions

By David Glenn Cox They don’t make movies in Hollywood anymore and they don’t build cars in Detroit. We are the last analog generation; we have witnessed more technological change in our lives than any other generation before…ever. And what’s even more important, we are the last generation to understand what the world was like […]

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The Right

The Case Against Jeb Bush for President

  By George HewesThe Republican Party is about to embark on the most interesting primary process it’s ever had, and the message from the party’s establishment is that the best candidate to go against Hillary Clinton is–wait for it–a centrist retread with a last name from a recent era that most of us would rather […]

Short and To the Point…

Rev Sharpton and daughter should be ashamed and embarresed by disclosure of law suit regarding a personal injury lawsuit,

Cleveland on edge after no charges brought against policeman that killed the driver of the vehicle.

Gasoline prices increase $1,00 over earlier in the year!!!! Why?????

Senators Graham and McCain want to send 10,000 troops to fight Isis, Will President Obama follow

Banks guilty of collusion to fix exchange rates, No one will go to prison!!!!!!!

Wall Street Prosecutions    Guilty of Felonies!!!!!   Cash Penalties
Bank Prosecutions   Guilty of Felonies!!!   Cash Penalties
Automobile Companies Coverups of Defects    Felonies!!!!!  Cash Penalties

The penalty for crimes used to be imprisonment. Now big companies only face fines and no fears of prison time!!! This makes no sense!!!!~   The profit motive will continue bad behavior.


Monica Lewinsky has been offered a whopping $1 million for her, huh, “DNA-stained” blue dress, which she wore during her liaisons with then-President Bill Clinton. The big bucks were offered by the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, which had previously tried to pay her a smaller $250,000 for the infamous GAP dress. Ms. Lewinsky replied, “Sorry Erotic Heritage. One million is nothing for that creation. See, I’m an artist whose work is being sought by other museums. The stains are my paint and my dresses are my canvas. I feel that this blue dress, which was enthusiastically painted by Bill Clinton, is a ‘semenal’ work of art.”

Rudy Giuliani and Barbara Walters have threatened a lawsuit over the fact that their faces were shown on the big video screens at the recent Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls game they attended. The adorable couple didn’t mind that they were on the big overhead screen seen by fans. They were angered that they were part of the new half-time feature called, “Lisp Cam;” as an announcer said, “Don’t be shy, Rudy! Give Bawa a big, wet, thloppy lisp!” An irate Rudy Guiliani snarled, “Thith ith outrageouth! Thith ith a bigger dithathter than 9/11—where I thinglehandedly thaved New York Thity. I’ll thue them! Hell, Foxth Newth wouldn’t do thith to me!” Ms. Walters added, “You’re so wight, Wudy. This is outwage-eous!”

Are Ben Affleck and his wife of nearly ten years, Jennifer Garner, on the verge of breaking up? The couple are the subject of a string of rumors about the actor’s supposed actions. The “Batman Vs. Superman” star reportedly stopped wearing his wedding band in the days leading up to Garner’s birthday and anticipating a divorce, he consulted with his lawyers about making money off of his ice cold marriage by creating an ice cream company called “Ben and Jenny’s.” The brand will feature flavors like “Rocky (Marital) Road,” and “Pre-Nup Pecan.” Mr. Affleck also announced that “Ben and Jenny’s’ will have a ‘Flavor of the Month’—but this time, it won’t be Jennifer Lopez.”

Apologies to backers of both Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks, but abolitionist Harriet Tubman was claimed the winner in a contest that drew more than 600,000 votes. “Women on 20s” has been advocating for a woman’s face to replace Jackson on the $20 bill for months and will now present a petition to President Obama with its Tubman pick. “Democrats on Dimes” countered with a petition to have Hilary Clinton replacing Franklin D. Roosevelt on a dime. Her husband, Bill, noted, “The difference between the FDR coin and the Hillary coin is that Hillary’s dime is like the real Hillary: two faced—and changes depending on the position.”

A road rage shooting incident involving George Zimmerman and Matthew Apperson is the latest in a series of run-ins Mr. Neighborhood Watch Volunteer has had with the law, strangers and his ex-wife. A bullet missed Zimmerman’s head and he was sprayed with glass from his vehicle’s windshield. Mr. Zimmerman brushed it off, saying, “What Matthew Apperson did to my car was what I did to Trayvon Martin. When ya look under each of the hoods, you’ll see stuff that’s all shot to hell.”

It appears that the New England Patriots cannot avoid scandals. First, quarterback Tom Brady has been suspended four games for the infamous “Deflate Gate.” Now, his ex-teammate, tight end Aaron Hernandez who is in jail for murder, is embroiled in “Cellmate Gate;” where he has been accused of deflating his cellmate’s balls. Tom Brady then explained the difference between himself and Mr. Hernandez: “When a 350 pound black man falls on me on a Sunday afternoon, I say, ‘Ya got me, bro. I’m down.’ But when the same lands on Aaron every day, he says, ‘Ya got me, bro. I’m down…on the down low.’”

Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner received a rude awakening after attending a L.A. Clippers game where they were booed by the crowd after they were shown on the Jumbotron. A miffed Kendall said, “Khloe fooled me into going to that game! She said she wanted to try out speed dating. Unfortunately, I found out that her definition of speed dating is actually going to a pro basketball game and deciding what player she’ll score on within a minute—like she did with Lamar Odom.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s two Yorkshire terriers, Boo and Pistol, that accompanied him to Australia, were returned to the U.S. because Mr. Depp disobeyed the country’s animal import laws and brought his dogs into the country without permits or a period in quarantine. Johnny pleaded, “Why couldn’t I do in Australia to Boo and Pistol what I do in my romantic life? Play, pet and feed these bitches for awhile, then turn ‘em loose for younger ones?”


Care Act enacted in New Jersey

In New Jersey, a study has determined that family caregivers give a billion hours of care to seniors living at home. On average 20 hours per week care is provided.   The Care Act provides for hospital training before discharge of the person responsible for the care of the patient.. Without proper training there is tremendous stress on the family […]


Anna Nicole Smith’s only daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, looks more and more like her late mother with each year that passes. Dannielynn made a rare public appearance at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, KY. The adorable 8-year-old walked the red carpet with her doting dad, Larry Birkhead, who later confessed, “The Derby made Dannilynn very confused. After American Pharoah won the […]


Jack Ely, best known as the voice of the “Kingsmen” 1963 hit “Louie Louie,” died at his Oregon home after a long battle with an illness. His son, Louis, said, “Unfortunately, the illness Dad had for 51 years was extra-early Alzheimer’s. Since 1963, I could never understand what he said. But on his death bed, I recorded his last words, […]


A devastated Paris Hilton announced the death of her 14-year-old Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, who was seen on her reality show “The Simple Life.” Paris sobbed, “Tinkerbell is the only bitch I know in Hollywood who didn’t get a lucrative career from a lifetime of licking balls and assuming a doggie position. I guess my mutt’s time being alive is like my […]