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A little Math

August 20, 2017

36 % approve Trump’s performance 64% dissaprove 66% of Republicans approve 66% of Republicans equal 36% In re-election Republicans face dire numbers 2/3 of Republicans will not guaranteed re-election. They will not support Trump

“On Many Sides”

August 13, 2017

Trump says blame on “Many Sides” No Mr President,  Yesterday the KKK, Nazis, White Supremacists——opposite to what our country stands for!!!! There is no blame or responsibility to share here Many sides????? Are you kidding David Duke “wants his country back” Mr President stand up for what we stand for!!!!!!    

Enough is Enough

August 9, 2017

The United States and the World need to draw a red line A Rogue Nation cannot  threaten us all!!! Once and for all change the two bit North Korean regime No blackmail  


August 9, 2017

Don’t back a mad man into a corner. Careful prudent thought and negotiation is appropriate. Rely on China to pressure North Korea A carrot not a stick is the agenda we should follow China does not want a war in its back yards

Lets get on with it

July 29, 2017

The obstructionists have nothing to offer–just negativity Obamacare will fail  !!!!!!!! Taxes need to be refomed The wall needs to be built The streets need to be reclaimed from criminals and gangs Let the Congress be productive!!!

General Kelly please bring order to the Administartion

July 29, 2017

General Kelly a four star general hopefully can instill order and discipline to the Presidency There has been no order, no direction, just a lot of bluster and name calling Our  country is too important to succumb to a huckster trying to be presidential An ex=marine will now try to instill moral decency and rational  […]

Democrats!!!! Give Trump a chance

July 23, 2017

Beginning inauguration day Democrats have obstructed the new President Let President Trump install his platform Repeal and replace Obamacare,  Tax Reform. Spend on infrastructure,Increase defense spending,Reduce government regulations Give him a chance!!!


July 23, 2017

Pardon for what??????? Flynn—– Lying to everyone!!!!!! Talking to Russia!!! Manafort——On whose payroll???? Talking to Russia!!! Sessions—Lying to Congress, Talking to Russia Trump Jr—Lying !!! talking to Russia Kushner—Lying to Congress,!!!!! talking to Russia The President— Lying !!! Lying!!!! Lying!!!!     Russia!!!! NO PARDONS!!!!!!!! THE TRUTH !!!!!          

We won!!! Get over it!!

July 13, 2017

Electoral College!!! We won!!! Move On! Make America Strong Obamacare must go!!!! Need affordable insurance and copays Taxes must be reduced to stimulate growth The Wall!!! Authorize funds Remove illegals Private schools and charter schools Environment is OK    

Lies Lies Lies

July 13, 2017

No relationships with Russia No election contact with Russia Obama is not a born American Tax Returns???? Putin was confronted Hilary!!! Hilary!!! Hilary!!!!