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The game plan for the Left

June 16, 2017

The Left must not pile on!!!!! Trump is a sinking ship!!!!!! Lets proceed with care Even the Republicans must be looking for a way out!!!! Help them Make it a Trump loss!!!!! Not a republican loss!!! Work together with Republicans to rid the country of the problem  “””Trump””””

The Puzzle on the Right

June 16, 2017

How far do they go in supporting Trump. Is it a sinking ship???? How can an exit strategy evolve that can look like a “win” ?? A wedding planner is given a HUD post in NYC!!!!! What is going on??? Try to rescue the replacement for OBAMACARE Try to work on an equitable tax plan […]

A Divided Country

June 15, 2017

After the unfortunate events of yesterday( the shooting at the softball field)There is almost unanimous calls for less shouting, more talking, less divisiveness and less partisanship. President Trump expresses amazement at the level of shouting and rancor. He should examine how he conducts himself and treats opponents. Look in the mirror Mr President. Lets learn […]

Russia is using Trump to weaken or destroy NATO

May 29, 2017

Russia has always felt threatened by being surrounded by NATO countries led and supported by the United States. He has seized on a strategy of weakening Europe by propping up Trump America first weakens NATO for obvious reasons. Trump sees our interests as looking within and asking Europe to support and defend themselves. This policy […]

Trump’s First Foreign Trip

May 19, 2017

Hopefully Trump will be presidential!!!! Large arms deal to be agreed to with Saudi Arabia Walking the tightrope of Arab Israeli Politics when visiting Israel Off to Europe and the Vatican A welcome respite from the investigation back home  

Trump cannot control his mouth

May 16, 2017

We saw when he was campaigning He speaks whatever comes into his mind The latest— a security breach with th Russians He always needs to be the “Big Man in the room” Whether carousing on a bus or with Russians in the Oval Office Let him be the big man with his family Leave the […]


May 14, 2017

Comey will only talk in public!!!!! What does he have to say!!!!! Sessions recused himself from Russia investigation, but he supported the dismissal of the chief investigator Comey Did Trump meddle in the investigation The press secretaries are flying blind- what and where is the truth Trump keeps talking, and the truth keeps being elusive […]

The beginning of the End

May 11, 2017

Trump dismisses Comey.   Comey was investigating Russian interference in election and their collaboration with Trump supporters. Trump did not want that!!!!!! He wanted to feret out the leakers Who got their way!!!!   Trump of course. We shall see where this ends Maybe the beginning of the end for his Presidency!!!!!

A Bad Day for Trump

May 9, 2017

Kirshner Organization in China peddling influence and “GOLD VISA CARDS ” Testimony before Senate Committee by former  acting attorney general relates warnings given about Flynn Rocky road ahead for replacement for ACA   Senate has their own ideas  

Kushner Organization in China

May 7, 2017

The Kushner Organization is openly cashing in on the Trump Presidency Display are showing Trump They are looking for investments by the Chinese A large investment insures a visa to the U.S. and of course a tie between the two families