Hobbies For Seniors

June 2, 2013

By Howard Dall A List of hobbies that might interest you!!!!!! Genealogy Grandchildren Art Gardening Knitting Music Charity Volunteering Stamp Collecting Scrap Booking Aerobics Bowling Coin Collecting Chess Baking Karaoke Calligraphy Table tennis Crafting Reading Crochet Pets Cross stitching Bird Watching Drawing Automobiles Judo Decorating Wine making Beer making Pottery Puzzles Card Playing Writing Weight […]

Collecting as a Hobby

June 2, 2013

By Howard Dall The definition of collecting according to Wikipedia is ” seeking,locating,acquiring,cataloging,organizing,displaying,storing,and maintaining whatever items are of interest to an individual.”  A senior can use interests from the past or start a whole new area of attention. The two main attributes of a hobby are “interesting and”fun”.  Exercise the mind and the body.  In […]