The Right

Enough is Enough

August 9, 2017

The United States and the World need to draw a red line A Rogue Nation cannot  threaten us all!!! Once and for all change the two bit North Korean regime No blackmail  

Lets get on with it

July 29, 2017

The obstructionists have nothing to offer–just negativity Obamacare will fail  !!!!!!!! Taxes need to be refomed The wall needs to be built The streets need to be reclaimed from criminals and gangs Let the Congress be productive!!!

Democrats!!!! Give Trump a chance

July 23, 2017

Beginning inauguration day Democrats have obstructed the new President Let President Trump install his platform Repeal and replace Obamacare,  Tax Reform. Spend on infrastructure,Increase defense spending,Reduce government regulations Give him a chance!!!

We won!!! Get over it!!

July 13, 2017

Electoral College!!! We won!!! Move On! Make America Strong Obamacare must go!!!! Need affordable insurance and copays Taxes must be reduced to stimulate growth The Wall!!! Authorize funds Remove illegals Private schools and charter schools Environment is OK    

Bernie Sanders, Clinton, and the DNC

July 9, 2017

The Democrats shot themselves in the foot Bernie was fighting the DNC  and Clinton. The deck was stacked against him Large portions of the Democrat Party base was turned off by the unfair process They stayed home or voted for Trump as a statement that he cannot be worse than the Clinton machine Bernie showed […]

Trouble spots in the world

July 4, 2017

North Korea,   Middle East, Syria, Terrorism everywhere, Can China, Russia, and the U.S. find mutually self serving interests to work together????? There should be areas of agreement. Iran is a threat,   N Korea is a threat, instability everywhere is a threat, Islamic terrorism is a threat, It will be very interesting Trump can make his […]

The Puzzle on the Right

June 16, 2017

How far do they go in supporting Trump. Is it a sinking ship???? How can an exit strategy evolve that can look like a “win” ?? A wedding planner is given a HUD post in NYC!!!!! What is going on??? Try to rescue the replacement for OBAMACARE Try to work on an equitable tax plan […]

Voters Using ’80s Technology to Sound Off to Congress

September 14, 2015

By George Hewes   Make no mistake about it; this is the political season of the outsiders. The voting public is fed up with establishment politics as usual and wants to tell their elected representatives about it. Instead of putting pen to paper or picking up a phone, they are increasingly hitting the “send” button […]

Five Reasons Joe Biden Will Lose If He Runs

August 25, 2015

By George Hewes With Hillary Clinton slowly sinking into the quicksand of her email server scandal, nervous Democrats are beginning to seriously explore alternatives to what is increasingly looking like a fatally flawed candidate. How else can one explain the buzz and trial balloons surrounding the hypothetical candidacy of Joe Biden? What a sad state […]

What Trump Is Teaching Republicans about Apologies

August 21, 2015

By George Hewes After the ratings-fantastic Fox News Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump’s enemies seized upon his comments about co-moderator Megyn Kelly as proof that he is coarse, sexist and unfit for office. What followed is what has become one of the liberal media’s favorite games: getting political figures to grovel and apologize for their […]